COVID-19 Health and Wellness Protocols for Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio

Updated September 22, 2021

As we enter this new chapter together, we, at Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio, are doing our best to ensure the safety of our community, within the studio and beyond. For your peace of mind and comfort, the following safety and wellness protocols are in place for our in-person classes. We are guided by information found in “Reopening Ontario”, “How to Develop Your COVID-19 Safety Plan – A Guide for Ontario Workplaces”, “Guidance for Safely Reopening Gyms, Fitness Studios and Community Centres”, documents from Public Health Ontario, Southwestern Public Health, Stop the Spread Ontario Business Line, Government of Ontario and Health Canada:

Please note that as of September 22, 2021, proof of double vaccination and photo ID will be required to participate in our mindful movement classes at Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio. Thank you for your kind cooperation**

Reducing Exposure through Physical Distancing and Separation:

· Limited class sizes – Adult Yoga max. 6 per class / Kids Yoga max. 6 per class / Family Yoga max. 2 to 3 groups

· Pre-registration is required for all classes.

· Social distancing in affect before, during and after the yoga class.

· Markers will be on the floor to indicate where to place your mat to ensure a generous social distance of 6 feet from other students.

· BYOM – Bring Your Own Mat to class please. Currently, we will not be sharing the studio’s yoga mats or props. (New Halfmoon mats and props are available to purchase if you choose.)

· Although we have a waiting area and a dedicated space for gathering in community, we will currently refrain from using either spaces at this time.

Reducing the Risk of Transmission:

· Before class, doors to the studio will remain open to reduce handling of door knobs by numerous people. When class begins the teacher will close the studio doors. When class ends the teacher will open the studio door.

· The bathroom will be disinfected between students.

· The bathroom door can be accessed with a simple push from your elbow or arm; additionally the light in the bathroom is a motion sensor so no need to touch the light switch with your hand either.

· Cloth towels are provided in the washroom, with the laundry basket for disposal being purposely located outside of the bathroom area, so that you may use the towel to open the bathroom door when you exit.

· Hand sanitizer is available upon entering/exiting the building.

· On the stairway, if you feel safe, please refrain from using the handrail.

· Please keep your personal items away from others.

· Please wear a mask/face covering to enter and exit our building, and to get to your mat space inside the studio itself as per the Mandatory Face Covering protocol announced on July 30th; it is your choice whether you wish to wear a mask during your yoga class. As per Southwestern Health’s letter of instruction on July 30/2020, which is still current as of today's date: “face coverings may be temporarily removed when engaging in an activity where a face covering would inhibit the person’s ability to breathe, such as during athletic, fitness or physical activity”.

Screening Measures:

· Signage prior to entering the studio, as well as signage at the top of the stairs, will serve as a health screening to people before they arrive in our space.

· A COVID-19 Waiver and Release Form, as well as an Adult or Child Health Questionnaire will be required to be completed by all students. Here are the forms to be kindly filled out and brought to class, please. (There will also be paper copies available to complete at the studio.)

· A class roster will be in place for each class for contact tracing purposes if ever necessary.


Child Health Questionnaire

Adult Covid Waiver/Release

Child Covid Waiver/Release

Flow Management:

· Please note: As we transition to these new flow management protocols, please allow yourself extra time to enter and exit the studio before and after class.

· Staggered entering and exiting the studio, one person at a time / one person only on the stairwell/ and/or always maintaining a social distance of six feet apart (this may require texting each student as to when it is their turn to arrive – more details to follow IF this becomes necessary).

· Entering the Studio: As students enter the studio, the first student will make his/her way to the furthest socially distanced mat indicator and place his/her mat in that space. Accordingly the next student, will make his/her way to the next furthest socially distanced mat indicator.

· Leaving the Studio: As students leave the studio, the student located closest to the studio’s black double doors, will be the first to exit; accordingly the next student located closest to the studio’s black double doors will be the second to leave, and so on.

· Student’s names will be recorded at the studio each class to provide a method of contact tracing if ever that is necessary.

· Disinfection - All high touch surfaces (door knobs, hand rails, toilet handles, light switches, taps etc.) will be disinfected between classes, as well as the bathroom and the studio floor. These measures are in addition to routine cleaning and sanitizing, and are guided by the “Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Settings” document from Public Health Ontario.

Safety Plan Review:

· This COVID-19 Safety Plan for Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio will be reviewed regularly and will be updated as more information becomes available from the Ontario government’s COVID-19 website. Changes may occur to this Safety Plan as the pandemic evolves.

· If at any time, as a student of Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio, you are not feeling safe, please speak to Natalie, so that we may work in unison to keep our yoga community healthy and well. Your sense of ease and comfort is of paramount importance!