Almost ready to experience a class? Read what others have to say about the Adult classes at Kaleidoscope Yoga:

Re: Outdoor Yoga - Just when I thought yoga couldn't get any better, I was fortunate enough to experience an outdoor gentle yoga class with Natalie. With the sounds of nature in the background, and the earth under our bodies, we were guided by Natalie's gentle voice, through the most amazing yoga practice I've ever experienced. Thank you so much Natalie, for inviting us into your outdoor yoga studio.

Janet A.


For anyone who is looking for a great gentle yoga class this is one for you. I was looking for someone who taught the basics, made sure I was doing them correctly and didn't do any circus moves. Now I am 2 months in and I love every minute of the class! The time flies by! Natalie is very professional, organized and welcoming. Her studio is beautiful and peaceful. I feel calm around Natalie and in her studio. I feel that in a short time I found an exercise that I love to do and also a friend in Natalie. I look forward to our talks before and after class and the experiences that she shares from her teachings. We also have alot of laughs!

Aimee W.


I would tell anyone that is anxious or nervous to begin yoga classes, they have no need to be. Natalie takes any worries away that you may have had. I look forward to each class. I like the choice of classes on ZOOM or in the lovely and peaceful setting of her studio. Natalie is a kind and helpful instructor who emanates her joy of yoga to others...........



I highly recommend! Natalie is very knowledgeable and so welcoming! I was very new to the world of yoga - I can’t imagine my life without it now (or Natalie and her studio!) Lasting friendships made along the way as well ❤️

Cathy W.


As a "newbie" to both the area and to Yoga, one could not feel more comfortable and welcomed.  

Natalie's soft spoken, quiet, gentle voice will provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.   Her yoga practices to stretch and strengthen combined with deep breathing and meditation will successfully whisk you away.  As a shallow breather I can say it has already improved my breathing.   

Natalie's safety & precautionary measures has allowed me to comfortably participate in studio.

Mary S.


Natalie has the most calming presence. Yoga class with her is so rejuvenating.. the studio atmosphere is very relaxing...along with her regular classes, I also highly recommend the nap yoga experience for a special treat.

Kathleen S


I had always wanted to try yoga but thought it was only for those already flexible.  I was intimidated to try it out but when I saw the ad for Yoga for beginners, I thought this was the time to try.  And then I met you!

You immediately made me feel welcome and at ease.  Each class, you assisted everyone by suggesting modifications to poses individually and as time has gone on, you continue to suggest changes to our poses without saying one is harder than the other.  You emphasize each week, we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us as every week we may need to adjust our pose.

The environment is very welcoming, friendly and I look forward to my yoga class every week.  I am absolutely amazed how relaxed I am mentally and physically at the end of our class, no matter how stressful the week has been.

Joan C


Going to yoga classes with Natalie gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my body and connecting/grounding myself. I immediately feel calm, centred and safe in the space that has been created for the hour class.

My body parts feel rejuvenated and nourished and my mind is quieter than when the class started. 

The bonus for me is Natalie herself. Her kind, thoughtful and pleasant approach is quite unique and her ability to lead the class while still ensuring you are in poses comfortable for you is remarkable and sets Natalie apart from others.  Natalie is very mindful she is giving her class something new each time.

I always look forward to going to my yoga classes with Natalie.

Janis C


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We have been joining in Ms. Natalie’s kids yoga class for years now, and my kids love it. Both of my girls look forward to the different session activities every week at the beautiful new studio, and we appreciate all the safety considerations that Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio offers. We always recommend Ms. Natalie’s yoga classes to our friends, family and our daughter’s teachers too.

Niki K


My 4 year old Son absolutely loved his first introduction to Yoga with Natalie! The studio is a beautiful space where the children were free to have fun and be themselves.  Natalie has an excellent report with kids and my usually shy son was soon doing poses and interacting in the class.  We were there over the Halloween season and seeing kids in costumes, particularly  dragons roaring and doing Dragon Yoga isn't something I will forget.  It was a delight and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful resource in our community.  

Beth P.


My 4 year old son has been going to yoga with Miss Natalie for over 3 months now, and he loves it! Even after a long week of school we have no problem getting him to Saturday morning yoga class. Miss Natalie is great at keeping him engaged with her way of incorporating yoga moves into stories and songs. The studio is a beautiful, welcoming space.

Bradie P.


 Natalie is a warm and caring person who is truly amazing with the kids. She made our kids yoga experience one of a kind.