Come Breathe With Me - 6 Week Series
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This 6 week series is a beautiful blend of all things nurturing and relaxing to bring balance, calm and peace to our busy, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed minds. Included in this 6 week series are:

  • TWO Restorative classes (75 mins each)
  • ONE Yoga Nidra class (45-60 mins) - Escape into a dreamy experience.......imagine yourself snuggled in a cosy blanket, laying down on your mat, then being gently invited to turn your search light inward through breath, body and mind awareness. It's the ultimate in a relaxing bedtime story leaving you feeling refreshed, focused and deeply relaxed.
  • THREE Gentle Yoga classes (75 mins each)
  • Guided meditations/relaxations are sprinkled throughout the series
  • Special attention to breath awareness with the option of introductory pranayama techniques
  • Multiples pose variations offered throughout class so that you can choose the best fit for your body
  • No experience necessary, no pretzel poses here!

Kaleidoscope Yoga Studio
194 Main Street, Port Stanley, ON

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